JYSK Skin Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The JYSK Group Pte Ltd, and is involved in Research and Development (R&D), as well as the Formulation and Manufacture of cosmeceutical and skincare products.

Meet the formidable R&D and Formulation team:
Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Scientist
Dr Jacob Waugh MD
Karl Lintner PhD
Dr SK Tan
Luisa Maria Milleza
Dr Jacob Waugh MD, formerly founder-scientist of Revance Inc, and inventor of 'topical Botulinum toxin (Botox™)'. Dr Waugh is currently Chief Scientific Officer and Board Member (together with Dr SK Tan) at Illustris Inc, a start-up R&D company specializing in innovative dermal delivery systems (illustris.com).
Karl Lintner PhD, formerly Senior Research Scientist at world-renowned Cosmetic ingredient company Sederma. Karl is famous for his discovery of Matrixyl, the ‘anti-aging’ peptide widely used in cosmetic products.
Dr SK Tan – has over 20 years of experience in clinical and aesthetic dermatology and a background in cosmetic science.
Luisa Maria Milleza – with over 20 years of experience, many of them in ‘big-name’ MNCs in cosmetic formulation, Luisa has the ability to create elegantly efficacious formulations using a vast variety of actives. 
With the collaboration of our sister company, Illustris Inc.,  you can expect state-of-the-art technology and highly efficacious products from JYSK Skin Solutions. The products are currently sold under the ‘IDS – Innovative Dermatological Solutions’ label, with many more labels in the pipeline.

Manufacturing is carried out in state-of-the-art GMP-certified facilities with automated or semi-automated machinery. Finished products are also filled in-house, again, utilizing modern equipment with a high level of quality-control.

JYSK Skin Solutions with its mission and aspirations, aim to be THE premier cosmeceutical and skincare R&D, Formulation and Manufacturing facility.


JYSK Skin Solutions Pte Ltd
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