At JYSK Skin Solutions we believe that everybody has the right to flawless skin. 

So we are passionate about developing the highest quality products that deliver proven, award-winning results through our scientific breakthrough formulas.

Based on Dr SK Tan’s 3 decades of experience as one of the forerunners in aesthetic medicine in Singapore and throughout Asia, JYSK products deliver consistent skin care results. With this rich history, JYSK Skin Solutions delivers products with proven results based on clinical studies, efficacious research and years of expert experience and innovation that patients can trust.
As the founder of Derma-Rx and the DRx Clinic, Dr SK Tan is world-renowned in the industry of cosmetic dermatology and has dedicated his career to assuring his patients achieve flawless skin results whatever their skin care concerns.


JYSK Skin Solutions products are scientifically formulated combining the highest levels of both medical and natural ingredients to derive effective results for all our patients regardless of skin type. Our products are made in our own R&D facilities in Silicon Valley in the US, Sweden and Japan to treat conditions ranging from acne blemishes, wrinkles, and aging symptoms to pigmentation and scaring. And we have products pending patent approval, which we have yet to introduce to the market.
JYSK products are sourced from only the highest quality raw materials. Both our manufacturing and research processes are free from animal testing, and our manufacturing partners around the world are GMP certified. In 2015 we were ISO 9001:2008 certified; an important step in assuring that our customers continue to receive the very best in our quality, service, production, and management.


A healthy, radiant complexion is always high on a woman's beauty wish list. Your search is finally over with JYSK Skin
Solutions IDS range of products. Unlike most products on the market, IDS products, formulated by Dr SK Tan,
deliver maximum efficacy comparable to medical grade products, even under ordinary ‘home-use’ environments.
They blend western technologies and eastern ingredients extensively tested in rigorous trials by certified dermatologists to address the concerns common among all skin types and all ethnicities. Welcome to the next innovation in skin care.



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